Finding joy

What do you love most about what you do? What is the thing that keeps you coming back again and again regardless of the difficulties?

I love the stage. I love the feeling of power under those lights, becoming someone new, singing their story. The pressure, the energy, it’s all so exciting! I love the rehearsal. The long days are hard. But like steal forged in a fire, the bonds formed during those long days can be unbreakable. I love the music. The physical sensation of my breath flowing through my body is incredible. Such strength, agility, freedom, control. It’s all a wonderful juxtaposition.

But none of this is what I love most. For me, it’s the quiet study of the text. Those moments of quiet reflection where the power of this character’s emotions touches your soul. I hear a chord a new way and I understand the a new depth of sadness. I read a line in a slightly different context and hear a new layer of affection. I hear the orchestra, live for the first time, and understand the devastation of the timpani. It’s an unexpected interpretation from a colleague that sparks an undertone of defiance in a character instead of just a pre-scripted response. And this new emotion makes the music come alive and the singing more free and genuine. My love of my craft comes in the little moments of new discovery.

Where do you find your joy?

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