Website Launch

I’m finally launching this website! Its a project that has been in the works for almost a year now, but something always took precedence. With graduation coming and no gigs on the horizon, it was difficult to find a reason for this site. What would its purpose be? I am a lover of schedules, order, and routine. My multiple calendars are multicolored rainbows of organization. Unfortunately this career is the exact opposite of the color-coded, consistent life I had begun to dream about. I began thinking maybe I should follow this new dream and see where it takes me.

Then the phone rang. A role! A small one, but a role none the less. Its amazing how one tiny thing can change your whole perspective. There are still many changes coming. The path to a career in music will still be difficult. I will still be stressed about my erratic schedule, but my prism of markers will meticulously track adventure, joy, and growth instead of just routine.

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